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Who are the most important people to stay in touch with when you leave a role?

Leaving a current employer for a new job is a highly exciting time, and filled with the prospect of fresh challenges, new horizons and the allure of the new start. However, it is important not to burn your bridges at your current place of work, and this is something that many people overlook.   Why? Because in most industries, networks are closely interlinked, and your reputation is ...

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Questions you should be asking that head hunter when they call.

The best guys and girls in the business will be regularly contacted by headhunters selling new opportunities. But what if this happens to you? Apart from the satisfaction of knowing that you are a target candidate - how do you deal with the call?   Firstly, know that the role is likely to be a senior one. Headhunters work at executive search level, and usually recruit for high profile, ...

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Top tips for being the new person.

Top tips for being the new person. Being the new person on the job is nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measure. So how can you ace your first few days and ensure that you fit in?   Take your time   It's wise to get a sense of the hierarchy - both formal and informal - and the team culture when you begin in a new role. This will help you to negotiate it effectively and without ...

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Why you need a career plan

As the old adage goes, 'fail to prepare - prepare to fail', and this very much applies to your career. Without a plan, what hope do you have of achieving your goals? Of course, there is an argument for remaining flexible and open to new opportunities as they arise, but this does not need to happen at the expense of long-term goals and a clear view of the direction you are heading in.   ...

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Do counter offers really work?

Do counter offers really work?   There is nothing worse for an employer than finding that a top performing employee is handing in his or her notice.   Recruitment can be an expensive and time-consuming process for specialist roles in the ERP sector, and training once in-role can also require a large amount of corporate resource. Once that employee is embedded in their job, it ...

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You'll reach your earning peak 'during 40s'... correct?

Conventional wisdom says that the majority of employees will reach their earning peak during their forties. This coincides with the age when most individuals reach the zenith of their career curve, having progressed through a structured career ladder and gained around 20 years of experience in order to reach a senior position within an organisation.   At this age, experience is ...

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Whether you are a small start

Whether you are a small start-up business or a large multinational, every organisation will want to attract the best candidates to come and work for them. If you have a job post advertised and the response from potential employees is lukewarm, or you are just not attracting the right calibre of candidate, then it is possible that you are not doing enough to make your company and the role sound ...

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Top ten non related work topics to talk about when you are entertaining clients

While it may seem relatively unimportant in the business arena, being able to effectively engage in 'small talk' is an essential tool to help establish, develop and maintain lasting professional relationships with both customers and clients, as well as the people you work alongside on a day-to-day basis.   Although some people find small talk difficult or unenjoyable, it is an extremely ...

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How to ruin your contracting career

If you're starting out in the exciting world of contracting, then you'll be keen to ensure you have a long and successful career. So what things should you avoid doing? We run down the top routes to ruining your contracting career!   Failing to turn up to an assignment   If you've been fortunate enough to gain an assignment, then you need to remember two things. Firstly, that you ...

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How to do a super performance review

The importance of performance reviews   Performance reviews are a vital component for any business. They give a manager the opportunity to reflect on past performance with employees, as well as communicate goals, challenges and values for the future. Conducting a performance review successfully requires skill to get the most out of the experience.   Top ten ...

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Why you have to fail to really succeed

Why you have to fail to really succeed   Some people in life may be lucky enough to always get it right first time but they will be few and far between. But as the saying goes, to err is only human. History is littered with maxims and observations regarding the making of mistakes and the benefits they can bring.   The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw went as far as ...

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Why are you applying for jobs that don't suit you?

Why are you applying for jobs that don't suit you?   It is hard when you are out of work and need a job. You can tell yourself you will do anything as long as you are working. Similarly, you may feel that certain types of jobs are what is expected of you but you havenít had the courage to buck the trend and try what is really in your heart.   Whichever the case, it is ...

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What should you give up for lent that could help your career?

Lent is coming and the Easter Bunny is chomping on his bit, ready to reward the good girls and boys with a chocolate bonanza! Traditionally, Lent is the time of year when we give up something we enjoy in order to focus on our own shortcomings or those less fortunate than ourselves.   In an increasingly secular world, this centuries-old tradition can still be relevant if we make time ...

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What HR can learn from Recruiters

One of the key things that the human resources can learn from recruiters is the treat the process of scouting for new talent as a marketing exercise.   More people than ever are constantly on the look out for a new position. Unlike years ago, where changing a job was uncommon, and considered as big an upheaval as moving home, nowadays people are willing to change. ...

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Is your covering letter letting you down?

The most common misconception about covering letters is that they get you the job. They donít. They get you the interview. Getting yourself in front of the potential employer is key. Once you are sitting in front of them, they get to see the Ďrealí you, not the you on paper, and you can see if there is a click.   Tough competition   In the current employment market even ...

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How to prepare for a video interview

Globalisation is on the increase. More and more companies have interests in countries all over the world, and recruit from countries away from where their headquarters are based. Remote working is also on the up, with workers across the globe working from home or other venues away from the workplace. All of this is adding up to an increase in another phenomenon Ė video interviews. ...

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How can I be a better manager?

The art of good management is achieved through learning, experience, personal values and your own unique style. Here are some top tips on becoming a better manager.   Learn to Communicate The power of communication is one of the biggest tools in the manager's arsenal. Not only must you be able to communicate with your team according to the situation and their own personal styles and ...

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Help me be a better employee

Many of us automatically focus on the roles that our managers take, and their need to build great skills and competencies in their role to succeed. But have we considered the role that we can take in being a better employee?   The pay-off   Great employees help managers to deliver a great job. This benefits everyone, and instantly marks you out as a candidate for future ...

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Top tips on how to win more business in 2014

In business, nobody wants to stand still. No matter how good a year you may have just had, there is always room for improvement and you need to be striving for constant growth in order to remain competitive.   Boosting your business can sometimes seem low priority if you are busy, as the temptation is to put all your resources into managing your current workload. But it really is ...

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How to reach your goals in 2014 and to how set them

Forget vague New Year's resolutions that never stick. True ERP professionals know how to set goals for their year ahead, and achieve them.   Common mistakes with goals   The idea of a New Year's resolution is by now a much joked-about one. Every year vast numbers of people decide to lose weight, change careers, stop smoking or save money. By the second week of January ...

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How to motivate your staff rather than lose them

The economy may be showing signs of recovery but for many businesses the spare cash of the boom years are still a distant memory.   The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has published survey results that suggest that 64% of businesses will look to take on more permanent staff this year, which is a positive sign towards recovery. New Year is a time when many employees ...

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